Walker Bag

A black sewn bag with blue flames

My very active mid-70s mom broke her tibia last week. She’s not really thrilled about using a walker while healing, but she liked the blue-black plastic on the one she got. She asked me if I had any fabric in similar tones, to make a bag for her to carry her phone & other stuff. I certainly did. :)

It was nice to be able to make and send them something they can use; they’re too far away to drop by to help them out (and I wouldn’t want to expose them in any case.)

The black sewn bag with blue flames  on a walker

credit: Nancy Sims / @copyrightlibn

license: CC BY-NC


UVA Cemetery Tour

I’ve been taking daily walks through the University of Virginia Cemetery to get some fresh air during quarantine, and the official walking tour materials leave a lot to be desired. You can imagine: the cemetery itself is a lot of illustrious male professors and male librarians and male soldiers next to graves marked “wife of.” I thought I’d make up for that with my own Cemetery Tour, which you can find at the link above. More tour stops to come!

credit: Catherine Addington

license: CC-BY 4.0

· CC-BY 4.0

First Sandwich Bread

A loaf of sandwich bread

I’ve never been a great Baker and I’ve always been especially bad a making bread. For years I’ve tried and failed to make proper bread, but it never came out right. However, the quarantine blues and lack of options at the grocery stores forced me to give it another shot. Lo and behold, it turned out okay! We had sandwich bread and toast through the whole week. I’m looking forward to making more interesting bread recipes in the future :)

credit: Marie

Distant drawing

drawing of dog on leash

These days it’s hard to be social, but walking a dog is a key way that people in Italy & those under lockdown have been able to socialize. Today I walked a neighbour’s dog & got to socialize with others. #DistantDrawing 🐶 tweet


credit: @mslafrenie / @Sals1296

license: Attribution-NonCommercial  CC BY-NC

· Attribution-NonCommercial  CC BY-NC

Rage crochet

photo of rainbow crochet work

I am channeling my sadness and anger into a rage-crocheted pandemic scrap yarn blanket.

credit: Jennifer Vinopal

license: CC BY


Reminders of Elsewhere

A photo of the Convent of Christ in Tomar, Portugal.

I like taking photos, but I take thousands of them at a time. Too many. I never go back and look at them, let alone have time to do any post-processing.

Since getting stuck at home, I’ve finally taken the opportunity to post-process some of my old photos. The task is peaceful, slow, and brings a steady stream of pleasant memories. This photo was taken with my wife during our exceedingly late honeymoon in Portugal. It’s at the Convent of Christ in Tomar.

I’m still very much an amateur photographer, and don’t have much of an eye for it yet. A friend gave me some tips with respect to angles, perspectives, and colors, and this is my attempt to follow through on them.

credit: Scott B. Weingart

license: CC-BY