Ultimate Cloak of Invisibility

March 29, 2020    

photo of a green cloak on the left; on the right, the cloak used to blend wearer's body into a green screen

There are all kinds of new rules and best practices now. What to wear when video conferencing (plain colors, no green, no distracting patterns), how to arrange your living space to appear tasteful and professional on video. Any chance my doing that ended when my desk was subsumed into the preschool/kindergarten. I needed a new solution.

Right before our local fabric store closed, I bought green fabric to hang over a folding screen. I picked up a small piece of every green knit they had, and tested them out on Zoom to determine which one would be best for my Ultimate Cloak of Invisibility (currently in progress). It was shortly before St. Patrick’s Day, so it raised no questions. The delightfully strange Bat Girl is fabric that I’ve had for some time. No one else seems to love it like I do; it’s been in stock and on sale for ages. So I combined it with the green knit fabric samples and made this new hoodie to wear “to work”, during the few hours I have for it.

Shrugging in meetings is now underwhelming, but thumbs-up are great.

I have big plans for once the Ultimate Cloak of Invisibility is done.

credit: Quinn Dombrowski

license: CC